This is again my Australian friend living in the UK whose baby girl is just 10 days older than Rose.

"Rose is settling in beautifully, and is truly behaving like a normal little baby, so I imagine my life resembles yours in a number of ways at the moment, except that you have one more little bod to organize!"

(This particular friend has four children)

"I'm on my way to bed, but I wanted to assure you that things are very much better than when I was sending you those harrowing tales. Rose looked positively chubby in the bath tonight. Of course she's still jaundiced, and she has a long road ahead of her, but we do feel positive when we see how well she seems to be doing at the moment.
And it's such a relief that at last she's started to gain some weight, at the same time as remaining as devoted to the breast as ever. It's just that she's also a formula guzzler. I really enjoy the fact that Shane can have a feeding relationship with Rose too (as can Lewis, and my Mum, and various other relatives on occasion)."