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Shane waits outside the broadcasting booth at ABC Melbourne's radio studios
On Tuesday 6 February, we were guests on Jon Faine's Conversation Hour, interviewed by Jon and his co-host Marieke Hardy.

Jon and Marieke first interviewed Allan Turner, the father of the late Zaidee Turner. His daughter's sudden death in December 2004 led to Zaidee becoming the only child organ donor that year in the state of Victoria.

In honour of their daughter, Allan and his wife Kim set up the awareness-raising organization Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation. Many readers will already be familiar with the work of this formidable man.

Coincidentally, Allan recently left a comment on this blog, and I sent him an email in reply. I had no idea though that that we would be meeting him so soon. Rose was delighted to cuddle him, and to chat with him about the lovely Zaidee.
Zaidee's middle name is Rose. Rose leaving the ABC's Southbank studios, gripping her Nan's hand, Rose claiming that she w…
The day when we held our frail 8-month-old, hovering below 6 kilograms, wondering whether or not she would live. . . well, it seems more distant than ever.