The day when we held our frail 8-month-old, hovering below 6 kilograms, wondering whether or not she would live. . . well, it seems more distant than ever.



Helen Booth said…
Rose, you look lovely in your fringy skirt. I hope you enjoy kindergarten as much as I did!
Tina Sayers said…
Hi Shane and Lynne,

My names Tina, i currently have a 10 week old bubba with BA. He was diagnosed at about 8 weeks of age with the BA.

Shane, i dont know if you remember but my Mum and I were speaking to you at the Royal Childrens Hospital after you approached us.

Our little man James seems to be doing just fine at the moment so fingers crossed this operation can hold him off needing a liver transplant for quite some time.

Well anyway im glad i found your guys blog spot and hopefully i can hear from you guys soon. In the mean time if you would like to keep in contact you can go to my blog which is

Tina & James.

PS: Rose is a very beautiful little girl and it's so lovely to hear that she was able to get a little liver and is healthy now.