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The Australian Transplant Games are over until 2008. Rose's photo made it to a couple of newspapers this week: a Geelong Times (article entitled "Plenty of heart on the track"), and a Herald Sun (article entitled "New shot at life").

My incredibly generous cousin and her husband have been hosting us, on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, near Geelong, allowing us to easily attend the Games. We're so grateful for their love and for their personal support. And on a broader level, they are strong supporters of organ donation, with a much loved family member six years ago having donated all of her organs, changing forever the lives of eight recipients.

I have mentioned baby Rani. She died this month, before she could receive a liver transplant that she desperately needed. Please think of her bereaved family, and others like them who will lose a family member this year because of the shortage of organ donors.

Most importantly, if you do support organ donation, ple…
Rose is the youngest registered competitor in the National Transplant Games, being held this week in Geelong.

Pictured here at the opening parade, with some of her cute little Victorian competitors.

Rose's 10 metre run will be in honour of two people: her wonderful donor who has saved her life; and her little 12-month-old friend Rani, who died on September 1, waiting for a liver transplant.