Rose is the youngest registered competitor in the National Transplant Games, being held this week in Geelong.

Pictured here at the opening parade, with some of her cute little Victorian competitors.

Rose's 10 metre run will be in honour of two people: her wonderful donor who has saved her life; and her little 12-month-old friend Rani, who died on September 1, waiting for a liver transplant.


Mel said…
Go Rose Go!!!

Hope Rose is having fun and again thank you for running for our precious little angel.

Mel xoxo
Helen Booth said…
Well done Rose, what a champion.
allan turner said…
Little Rose is what Zaidee's campaign is all about - making sure kids live their life to the fullest with their Mum's and Dad's, Brothers and Sister and get to live a better life than being on a transplant waiting list.

Little Rose wore Zaidee's Rainbow Shoelaces in Geelong with the spirt they were made for and that is to have greater awareness for Transplants in Australian and New Zealand.

Best wishes,

Allan Turner
Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

PS Zaidee's middle name is Rose.