“Rose has bloody well got . . . an inguinal hernia. It's a freaky bubble of fluid that bulges out . . . when she cries. She has to have more surgery! Hopefully it'll be done as a day procedure. Not sure when, but I hope it'll be soon, as it makes the whole family quite queasy to see it!

Rose also has an umbilical hernia, but evidently that doesn't necessarily need surgery, as it sometimes resolves when the child grows.

And her liver specialist reckons she might have reflux too, so she has to take an extra medicine on top of her usual 7 other doses of stuff each day. She hates the reflux med, and practically chokes each time, to the extent that I wonder whether it's better just to let her cope with reflux!

To top off her current list of baby hassles, she's getting her next round of immunizations on Monday. And they reckon babies have it easy!

The good news is that her specialist says she's doing extremely well from a biliary atresia point of view. That is very heartening for us. All this other stuff I’m whinging about is common in normal little babies, and helps me have some perspective.

The other thing is that I love her so much I want to eat her up!”