To provide some context, the special formula Rose has been prescribed tastes TERRIBLE! She needs it because it is difficult for her to absorb the fats present in breastmilk and more conventional formulas.

We've tasted it, and are amazed that she had been drinking it so happily, but now. . .

"After all this talk about how well Rose is doing on the formula, she yesterday began to fuss about taking the Pepti Junior, totally refusing it after the middle of the day.

Today she has only taken 65ml of it first thing in the morning, and baulked at the lunchtime feed. On the other hand, she's crazy about the breast, and is playing with her hands, talking, and generally having a ball when breastfeeding.

I wonder whether she's simply enjoying the tactile and social aspects of breastfeeding at the moment, and asserting a preference for it as a more enjoyable activity. Or, is she saying she no longer likes the Pepti Junior and refusing it forever?

I just wanted to let you know, in case you have information about whether babies sometimes do this with Pepti, whether it could be a temporary thing, whether I should be doing anything. It's very frustrating (and worrying!) when she doesn't take it. Especially since she seemed to take to it without any trouble initially!"