Another long lost friend, discovered via the internet. This time, the friend is one I lived nextdoor to in 1969! We lost touch in about 1981. Lots for both of us to catch up on.

“Life's really busy because our baby, Rose, is sick - lots of hospital admissions in her little life, and she has been in Royal Children's since start of December.

Her dad, Shane, or I stay in there with her every night, while the other sleeps at home with the older two kids. I'm about to head in to hospital now. Rose is in an isolation room, with only family allowed to visit, because of her lowered resistance to infection.

The single room thing is a blessing for us during this long admission, as it has its own shower and toilet. Not many patients in the Royal Children's enjoy such luxuries!( We've had lots of other admissions in the general wards, cheek by jowl with other patients and their carers. I'm a light sleeper, and don't sleep a wink in those circumstances!)

I could tell you the story about Rose's illness, but it's a long one and I really need to get off this computer within the next 5 minutes. Bottom line is that we're trying to grow her large enough for a liver transplant to be viable.

It's been a very rocky ride, but she's still hanging in there. She's being fed direct into her bloodstream now, with a little bit of breast milk through a nasogastric tube. Any other ways of feeding we tried just didn't allow her to absorb anything, and she was skin and bone. Really hard to watch, when our older kids were just so easy to grow as babies. . .”