”Shane's doing an extended stint in the hospital this week. . . He's been there since Sunday night. I'm in home quarantine with a cold. It's not even a bad cold, but Lew, Han and I are all infected, so we're keeping our filthy germs to ourselves.

Shane and I are being completely over-the-top protective of Rose in the 8 days before she's popped onto that transplant waiting list. It's so important that we keep her infection-free, because they can take kids off the list if they have anything like a cold. Imagine if we had to take her off the list over Easter - one of the busiest times of the year for organs becoming available (you know why: people dying after car crashes. It's too sad!) Anyhow, we just can't risk her getting a sniffle, because if she's not ready for the Easter transplant season, she might have to wait months, go downhill, maybe miss out altogether . . .

We're feeling pretty excited about Rosie. She's chubbing up beautifully, playing, babbling, being ridiculously cute and loving. One of her fellow "liver babies" received a transplant two nights ago in a 15 hour operation. So far so good. Those surgeons are getting a fair bit of practice transplanting little kids these days. Usually they do 5 transplants a year at the Children's Hospital, but we've watched 4 kids have transplants since October. 3 of those have happened since the David Hookes Foundation was established. . .”