A story on Nan's lap
Have I mentioned that one of the complications of liver disease is an inability to absorb Vitamin D? This deficiency in the vitamin can lead to brittle bones.
In Rose's case, not only is she vitamin D deficient, but she has been too ill during her life to bear any weight through her bones. A recipe for super-weak bones.
To cut a long story short, Rose's femur was accidentally broken this week. It happened in Radiology, nobody's fault, in the presence of my mother, poor thing, who was doing one of her twice-weekly overnight stints with Rose.
By the way, we wouldn't have coped nearly so well with Rose's illness and recovery without the herculean backup of my parents. It is fitting that they were present at Rose's birth. Since the moment she emerged into the world they have accompanied our little family at every step. After Rose returned to the ward from ICU, my Mum began doing regular overnight stints with Rose. This has had many effects. One, it gives the kids the experience of having both Shane and I home with them at night, something they missed out on with Shane and I in our usual routine of alternating sleeps at the hospital. Two, Mum and Rose are deepening their bond. Three, Mum is enjoying developing a relationship with Rose's large health care team. It's rewarding all round. Mum says she wouldn't miss this opportunity for quids. Aren't we lucky?
Everybody feels terrible about this broken femur, but once her leg was placed in a cast Rose was again happy. She's waving that leg around quite nonchalantly. Bones mend.
We're naturally cautious whenever we move her, wanting to avoid any further fractures while we wait for her bones to strengthen.